Vinci new capital

Vinci, the new urban destination, Misr Italia Properties’ newest residential compound designed to encapsulate the ease and beauty of modern living. Divided into districts that represent arts eras that originate from the 19th century all the way to the 21st century.

Vinci integrates the art elements of every art style into its urban and landscape design using dynamic approaches to set the standards for contemporary living, created to exude the warm earthy accent of a home whilst overlooking scenic landscapes. Vinci has a very distinctive design concept, one that is unmatched! It is inspired by art and its various phases. The art is the reflection of the actual designs of the project. From the classics, to the contemporary to the modern, the project is divided into phases with each phase being designed into a specific art style. Behind the creation of this project comes the master-planners and the interior designer, CallisonRTKL & DMA, designing an exceptional master plan along with Hany Saad Innovations creating a unique look and style to the exteriors and interiors of the project. Three customizable interior design finishings.

Prime Location

Vinci is perfectly located at the heart of the New Capital City, located on the main road of the New Capital. The luxury boutique residential compound is situated in the residential region of the diplomatic area. Positioned amid exclusive residential districts with an easy access to the main lines of transportation. The luxury compound merges the abundant architectural haven with the alluring scenery that is on the same road as the Expo, Medical City, and the Massa Hotel; and nearby the government district, with the main aim of providing a well-studied location for residents to retreat from their hectic life yet stay connected.

Vinci's Master Art-piece

Vinci’s main gates

Vinci’s luxury villas

Service apartments

High end apartments

Commercial area

Vinci’s clubhouse

Community center

Treeline promenade

Inner passageway

Club House